We help displaced heroes turn their dreams to reality
Providing remote career opportunities to displaced populations, all while giving our business partners a certified quality service
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We are in the midst of a global humanitarian crisis. 70 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes due to economic, political and environmental problems. 84% of those displaced are hosted in developing nations where economic opportunities are limited. Many of them, young and talented, migrate towards urban areas seeking employment but are met with extreme racism, social segregation and low-income jobs which undervalues their intelligence and professional experience.

Invicta is on a mission to change that.

Invicta believes displaced people are entitled to diverse career opportunities for economic and digital empowerment.
Invicta is a technology consulting startup which helps to identify highly skilled refugees and internally displaced people and after undergoing a rigorous training process, helps to enhance their digital literacy skills and ultimately recruit them with jobs matching their field of expertise.

It's rewarding and life-changing.
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Invicta was created to help disadvantaged youth develop essential professional skills through quality content, improved accessibility and an enhanced learning experience. Invicta is committed to ensuring that young people are equipped with the right knowledge and skillset to thrive in the global digital economy.
Our solution will utilize educational technology to promote sustainable economic development, educational prowess and thus generating a larger employable workforce. We enable displaced youth to lead more digitally inclusive lives by prompting them to work, learn and engage online.
Why work with us?
Invicta is engaged towards the communities affected by war, providing talented refugees with work opportunities that match their skills, and supporting them during their integration process.
High Quality
We are engaged to our users, and work relentlessly to deliver high quality partnerships. Whether you are an individual looking for job opportunities, or a company seeking talented people, we will find the best match for you!
Good Support & Individual Approach
Our team is always ready to answer your questions. You can reach us 24h/7days by email or through our social networks. Our work philosophy is in accord with the principle of individual approach to every case.
Extensive Network
The Invicta initiative is being supported by many international organs and companies, offering a wide range of opportunities for those in need, all while providing talented people to companies.
Our partners
If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please feel free to write us.
How it works
Thorough Selection Process
Invicta gathers the demands of businesses wanting to outsource their activity and proceeds to choose the highest qualified refugees. We conduct a careful review of applications to ensure sustainable employment for all our employees.
Supportive Network
Adaptation to projects is key. That is why we provide the tools and resources necessary for refugees to become productive members in their host countries. The teams of displaced people are guaranteed to be effective and accomplished.
Constant Tracking & Feedback
Once we connect our teams with our business partners, Invicta follows the progress to ensure the client's needs are fulfilled, all while ensuring the displaced people are thriving in a healthy and productive environment.
Why us?
Meet the dedicated people who work around the clock to give you the best of Invicta.
Eden Tadesse
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Born and raised in Ethiopia, Eden is a 22-year-old STEMinist and award-winning journalist hell-bent on changing the world through tech and global leadership. As a proud non-conformist, Eden strives to empower others into cultivating their skills and unlocking their inner-genius. She is passionate about social innovation, cyber security, sustainable development, women's rights and education.
Thomas Artiach
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Thomas is passionate about technology, digital implementation and its impact on our everyday lives. Having participated in many events tackling the refugee crisis, Thomas is engaged with the European initiatives helping displaced people find their ideal environment. Born in France from a Spanish father and a Moroccan mother, he has developed a sense of empathy towards different cultures and its people.
Qussai Maklad
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Qussai is an awarded Syrian entrepreneur, co-founder at Social Startup, he works on sharing education for development. Founder at Spacez, the first co-working space in Syria, Qussai won the first prize of entrepreneurship competition in Middle East North Africa. He is also a SMEs managment trainer in many INGOs in his home country.
Are you an urban refugee?
Let us help you find a job you love! Invicta connects displaced youth with rewarding employment opportunities online. We conduct a thorough recruitment process to ensure quality on both sides.

Register your interest below (or click here) and we'll contact you with more information once our platform is up and running.

Are you a company looking to hire talent in tech?
We'll help you find the best of the best. Send us all the details about your project, your needs and your budget, we will adapt our team to provide you with the highest productivity.

Register your information below (or click here) and we'll contact you with more information once our platform is up and running.



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